Nature Vs Nurture: Can Anyone Be Taught to Be a Successful Leader/Manager?

We have heard people say that great leaders are not born – they are made. But, we have also heard people say that great leaders are not made, they’re born, haven’t we? Which statement is true then? Is this nature or nurture when it comes to preparing future managers and leaders? Let’s consider both the aspects of making of a leader, i.e., nature and nurture.

There are claims that assert that the best leaders/managers have differently programmed brains. These claims strive to prove leadership as partly hereditary and dismiss the belief that the skills can be acquired via nurturing.

But it’s not as simple as it appears to be. You cannot simply hold your DNA accountable for factors that determine your leadership skills. And, “if you think” that you’re not a “born leader”, you shouldn’t simply immerse yourself into the slough of dismay. Experts confirm that the reality is a bit complicated than simply falling off a log. Experts acknowledge that to determine whether a person occupies leadership qualities are a complex mix of genetic, as well as environmental factors.

Remember, effective and efficient leadership does not always involve loud and authoritative personality. No doubt, individual personality traits help you become a good leader, but leadership and management development program (MDP), industry knowledge, experience and trainings provided by an established b school are essential for success. So although there is some evidence natural traits might help leaders, it’s only a small part of the picture.

Petra Wilton, of the Chartered Management Institute, says, “It’s like riding a bike… Most people can ride a bicycle, but not everyone can be Olympic winners. It’s the same with management and leadership.”

An institute of management should thoroughly believe that you can teach and develop the skills for leadership in students while they are studying in MBA colleges. For such institutions, it’s not about teaching written literature, but it’s a practical skill via management development programmes. Various management development programmes provide students at MBA colleges and other management institutes with a progressive skills advancement system to nurture emerging talent. The management institute is known for its state-of-the-art management development programmes in India.

For budding leaders and managers, the message is crystal clear (as much as possible on such a complex topic): your individual personality traits might help initially, but it’s not the factor to decide your success or failure. From lectures and management courses, to mentoring or advance management development programmes, augmenting your skills is often crucial to the success in your management institute and, in the bigger world. Otherwise, even the best management institutes will be of little use.

Waste Management Outsourcing – 2 Keys That Unlock The Most Aggressive Rates for 3rd Party Firms

Everyone from your Company’s CFO to the Purchasing Manager understands negotiating leverage based on volume. As Company’s grow they are able to gain more favorable pricing and better terms and conditions. What many Companies fail to realize when it comes to Waste & Recycling is that a “good” Management Firm is able to negotiate “much” lower rates than the Company would be able to achieve on their own. How much lower will depend on a couple of main factors.

When analyzing the right 3rd Party to manage your Waste & Recycling program, a couple of the main factors to consider are, how much business volume (number of Client locations) they manage “AND” whether they have a top-tier relationship with the Haulers. Both of these factors significantly impact their ability to negotiate the most aggressive rates with the Haulers. I made the “AND” big on purpose. Why? One of the interesting aspects of the Waste & Recycling industry is what Haulers value in their relationships with 3rd Party Management Firms. After moving past the obviousness of the Firm having to have been in business for a decent amount of time, with a good credit rating, etc., we get down to what makes the difference with Haulers.

Haulers respect, and will go the extra mile for, 3rd Party Firms who have a significant amount of business (i.e. Client locations in all 50 states), but actually more importantly… how consistently “AND” timely they pay their Client’s invoices (paid in 30 days or LESS). In other words it matters most to the Haulers that they get paid quickly and consistently. You would be surprised how many “very” large 3rd Party Management Firms “do not” get the most favorable rates from Haulers because they pay their Client’s invoices anywhere from 30 to 90 days “after” their due date. Haulers do not like having to be a Bank for these Management Firms, so one of the ways they make up for this is to charge them higher rates. A great way to check how Haulers feel about the Management Firm you are considering is to call the Haulers for references. I know it sounds weird but it will be invaluable to find out how the Management Firm “actually” conducts business with the Hauler, and especially if the Management Firm pays their Client’s invoices on-time.

So, how much does meeting the top criteria of Haulers impact a “good” 3rd Party Management Firm’s ability to negotiate the most aggressive rates? Believe it or not, a “good” Management Firm can negotiate rates anywhere from 30% to 80% lower than what the Company (with a self-administered program) could achieve on their own. Sound crazy? It might, but it is true. So before you put your next self-administered Waste & Recycling program on the agenda, remember just how much of an advantage a “good” 3rd Party Firm’s volume-based negotiation can benefit your Company. Why not finally make it easy on yourself and let a good 3rd Party Firm do the heavy lifting.

Casino Games – A Brief Review Of Piggs Casino

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To Stop Gambling Problems, NLP is An Effective and Easy to Use Treatment

One of the more effective treatments to stop gambling is the NLP stop technique. NLP is neuro linguistic programming. Simply stated, when anything becomes a habitual behavior, it builds neural pathways in the brain. The brain becomes “wired” to perform that particular behavior. Every time the behavior is repeated, the programming goes deeper and becomes more entrenched.Sometimes this pattern of wiring the brain is useful. For instance, when any new skill, like playing the piano, is learned, we read music and move our hands through conscious effort, but after repetition, when the brain becomes wired and the neural pathways are formed, we automatically move our hand to the proper keys when they eye detects the notes on the page. Another skill that becomes a habit and is stored in the subconscious is driving a car. At first, the student driver must try to remember everything but after a while it becomes automatic and the driver may drive down the road and think about things other than driving, even talking on the phone, while safely driving.The key, of course is that these skills and habits re stored in the subconscious mind, also called the unconscious because we seem to do many things, unconsciously, without thinking about them.Neuro linguistic programming means training the brain using words to form new neural pathways. One NLP technique is the stopping technique. A skilled hypnotherapist guides the client to a relaxed and accessible frame of mind and then has the client picture him or herself starting to do the unwanted behavior, in this case, gambling. Just as the client forms a picture of gambling and the neural pathways for gambling are stimulated, the therapist says “stop!” and the client lets the scene fade from his or her mind. As this is repeated, over and over, the neural pathways are rewired and the urge to gamble begins to fade away.The neural pathway isn’t gone, it is simply rewired and the problem gambler has developed a new habit, non-gambling. Of course, the gambling problems never really go away completely so it is a good idea to continue with a good 12 step group of some other form of support.Specially trained therapists can use the NLP stop technique and in several sessions get the problem gambler on his or her way to recovery. Another alternative is MP3 files that can be downloaded from the internet or even listened to online.The key to successfully using these relaxing guided meditations is repetition and a positive attitude. Because they are so simple to use many people are now using them on a daily basis. You never know, that person sitting on the plane beside you with the headphones attached to the little MP3 player may be treating him or herself for a gambling problems or some other unwanted behavior. It is that simple and widely used.

Writeup on Ruby Fortune

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